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May 2017:

Have had a few good months, not so much flying due to some more weather, have probably lost 20 flights this year so far.

However some highlights have been getting the three New Zealand based Spitfires up for a photo flight behind the Grumman Avenger. Used the same platform on ANZAC Day to photograph Spitfire PV270, Harvard 15 and an RNZAF Texan II.

Also flew with Kermit weeks again, always a great thing to be able to do, he flew a Sopwith Snipe and with him was Gene DeMarco flying the Sopwith Camel.

A few other flights here and there, however it is time to start thinking about the trip to the USA next weekend, am back at the Military Avaition Museum for their annual WW2 show.

February 2017:

I have just uploaded the first update for 2017 which covers a flight with the RNZAF Black Falcons aerobatic team. Was a very successful flight with a lot of pressure to get it right within the time window we had but was a breeze in the end, planning, planning, planning!

Another thing we have been working on (Hamish Wood and I) is a purchase page where you can buy "selected" images through a purchase page and these are sent out via fotomoto. I simply dont have the time to do all of that work, have tried but my time needs to go into future flights, magazine stories etc so hopefully that will work well for you all.

More news on that soon!


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