In the Cockpit



Flying the Sopwith Pup.

Simon Paul takes the Sopwith Pup up, with our camera on his helmet. 

The Pup is based at Omaka New Zealand.


Flying the Avro Anson.

Flying aboard the Anson, Based out of Omaka New Zealand.

These are the 11 minutes of highlights flying this beautiful Aircraft.


Flying the DH Mosquito.

Warren Denholm, the copilot had our GoPro Camera strapped to his head.

These are the 16 minutes of highlights flying in formation with a Supermarine TR.9 Spitfire and the Magnificent de Havilland Vampire, over the Auckland Harbor and along the beautiful New Zealand Coastline.



Arvo Vulcan.

A quick Video of the Avro Vulcan from the camera ship.



Flying the Yak 3.

Graeme Frew had our GoPro Camera strapped to his leather helmet.

The following 7 minutes of footage are straight out of a World War Two Soviet Pilot's dream, The Yak 3 is a joy to fly.



My Portfolio.

Here you will find the best of the best that I have taken over the years, it has been an absolute pleasure taking every one of them.

Some Cover Shots.

In this section you will find some of my cover shots taken for many leading magazines .

Avro Vulcan.

In this section you will find air to air photos of the Legendary Avro Vulcan.

What We Do.

In this section you will find photos taken by other people of our flying activities. Thanks to everyone who has supplied these images.

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